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Handywork Green and FixupGreen are the buildings eco-service group of Eaglecliff incorporated — 556 N. Crestway Wichita KS 67208 USA — 316.665.6977
A Kansas corporation and a woman-owned small business. Capabilities registered with CCR, Cage Code 1YLX1.


Green Building

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Greening Existing Buildings

Saving Green

Saving Money and Time with Sustainable Choices

"A nickle saved is MORE than a nickle earned, because there is no tax reducing that unspent amount!" ~Eula McGill1

This site is under construction. In the meanwhile visit the Handywork Green links page. [handyworkgreen.eaglecliff.us/diylinks.html]

Eaglecliff incorporated
556 N. Crestway, Wichita KS 67208 USA

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1. Quotations by Eula McGill are firsthand remembrances by her family unless referenced to published materials. EulaMcGill.org